Early History of Australia

Early History of the Upper Murray


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Authors: John Henwood and Margaret Swann.

C A Smithwick was a raconteur of merit with a love for the history of the Upper Murray and an ability to put a good story into written form. He was young when many of the early pioneers of the Upper Murray in the 19th century were still alive. The stories he heard were the basic material used in the series of articles published in the Border Morning Mail (Now the Border Mail). In them Smithwick showed the ability to write so the past came to life. The publication of the seventeen articles in The Early History of the Upper Murray makes them readily available for enjoyment by readers, as, since their original appearance, they have been only used for historical research.

The book is generously illustrated with 23 plates of people and places associated with the early history of the Upper Murray, and a map of stations formed by the settlers. A5; softcover; 58 pages with index.