Life of Jack Riley, 1841 to 1914.

Argus Newspaper Article-‘There was a Man from Snowy River’ (15/1/1949)

This is an article published on page 3 of the 15 January, 1949 issue of The Argus (Melbourne) that looks at the story of Jack Riley as detailed by Banjo Patterson and also at the locations involved.


Castlebar Man – Folk Hero

This is a piece jointly researched by local Castlebar historians Brian  Hoban and Ernie Sweeney that reports on Jack Riley’s life and includes the entire poem, The Man from Snowy River.

‘Our Man’‘0ur-Man’.html

This website offers a brief account of Jack Riley’s life.


Reality or Myth

This website reprints an article of the Corryong Courier from 20 January, 1949, that, as the title makes clear, considers the accuracy of the story of Jack Riley. It is a fairly short piece and leans to his story being real.