Ireland, 1841-1854.

Account of Fines received under Fines and Penalties Act; Return of Amount paid to Fund from each County, and Expenditure

The Fenian Movement.


The Great Famine, 1845-1850.

Excellent treatise on the causes of the famine.

Provides an annotated map of Ireland, circa 1841, detailing housing and literacy information and an extensive breakdown in population decline, County by County.

Offers a discussion of the Irish Famine within the context of broader contemporary European events.


Ireland Demographics 1841 and 1901.


Ireland and Land Problems


Ireland’s History


This is a fantastic searchable site that contains a huge amount of information over the full range of Irish history, including between 1841 and 1854.


Irish Flight: 1832-1841.


Minutes of Proceedings of Lowtherstown Board of Guardians, respecting Purchase of Site and Building of Union Workhouse; Correspondence with Poor Law Commissioners relative to Lowtherstown, Enniskillen and Lisnaskea Unions 1842.

Offers a large collection of interesting primary documents and correspondence, offering information on Irish poor laws and public welfare.

Return of Date of Formation of each Union under Poor Relief Act in Ireland

Extensive statistics around poor laws payments.


Return of Correspondence and Documents relative to Building of Castlederg Union Workhouse

Offers documents on the Famine, between 1845-52 and the poor laws.