Jack Riley 1841 – 1914

Jack Riley 1841 – 1914 “Me name is Jack Riley to be sure, born in County Mayo, Ireland in 1841. The family had a small tailoring business as well as some horses.  ‘Tis said I could ride before I could walk.  I loved the geegees.  Ah me land was a magical place back then. Leprechauns […]

The Eureka Stockade

Swearing Allegiance to the Southern Cross 1854 by Charles Doudiet, on display at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery.   The Eureka Stockade can be quite a sensitive topic to some in light of its political significance and even acts as bit of a ‘Rorschach test’ to many, engendering quite varied reactions. Some people like to stress […]

Welcome to the world of Jack Riley, 1841-1914.

  Jack Riley is one of the leading candidates for Banjo Patterson’s famous character of the Man from Snowy River. The Upper Murray was the breeding place for Walers. These horses were sent to India for military use.   About this Blog |   Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here… Fill in […]